Vision of School

Philosophy and Vision of the School and Nursery

‘Educate- Motivate- Facilitate’

  We believe that an effective school should provide an excellent, broadly balanced and creative education, conducive to the full development of a child's academic potential, as well as their physical skills and social development. We aim to equip children with life-skills in a stimulating environment which values personal effort and promotes excellence. All staff are fully committed to providing an equal opportunities approach in their teaching and will do all in their power to combat racism, stereotyping and bias. We believe children should be encouraged to display individuality within an ordered and structured framework and to develop the qualities of independence, self-discipline, self-motivation and self-confidence. In developing all of the above, we aspire to raise the children’s personal achievement and attainment.   We aim to: 

  • Ensure that the needs of our children and their families are given the highest priority and we actively promote the principle that "Every Child Matters".
  • Treat every child as an individual, fully developing and realising each child’s academic, social and physical potential through a broad and balanced curriculum, offering equal opportunity for all.
  • Develop our children as independent learners, equipping them with skills for life-long learning
  • Create and maintain a welcoming, secure and stimulating environment, where staff and children are happy to come and learn every day and where everyone’s efforts are valued and celebrated.
  • Prioritise and practice Safeguarding at all levels.
  • Promote and develop high expectations of positive behaviour and attitude, promoting respect for all and recognising that each member of the school’s community has a valued contribution to make.
  • Foster strong communication links with Parents/Carers, developing a mutual respect and working partnership between Home and School and all outside agencies.
  • Promote the spiritual, moral and cultural development of the children, encouraging them to appreciate and respect the multi -cultural society in which we live and to celebrate that diversity within our British society.


  • Instil and nurture appreciation and concern for the environment in which we live- and that of the wider world and global community.
  • Continue to access professional training in all current Educational Initiatives, so our children will benefit from the highest standard of Education available.

  In translating these aims into classroom practice, the school is focused on developing a creative, experiential curriculum which provides a broad and balanced programme to promote the progress and development of children’s knowledge, skills and understanding.