Times of School Day & Assemblies

Times of School Day  

All teaching staff are in their classes by 8.30am each day.
The school opens at 8.30 am, children have morning work to complete before a prompt 9.00am registration/ start to lessons.   

(The school’s Caretaker will open the doors earlier to prevent the children waiting outside if it is raining/very cold).  

Parents are respectfully requested to wait outside on the playground each morning/afternoon for their children. This is due to Safeguarding issues and Health and Safety requirements, as well as increased security for children and staff.  

The parents of the children in the Reception classes are only allowed limited access in September to help settle the children into their new class. Parents are requested to encourage their children to line up outside and enter by themselves after the first half term. This is positive in helping to develop the children’s independence, personal organisation skills and confidence, and the staff values parental support in this matter.  

Due to restricted space, Safeguarding issues and Health and Safety concerns, parents are not allowed to bring prams/pushchairs into school. There is a designated Buggy Shelter available on the school site.  

No child should be on the school playground before 8.40am as there is no adult supervision. 

Children are not allowed access to the outdoor play equipment prior to the school day or at the end of the day as the school does not accept liability for any accidents.  Parents are respectfully requested to supervise their children at these times.


Morning Session 9.00am – 12.00 noon (Daily Act of Worship, either as a class, Key Stage or whole school assembly)
Morning Break KS1 10.15am – 10.30am KS2 10.40am – 10.55am
Lunch Break KS1 11.45pm – 1.00pm KS2 12.10pm – 1.00pm
Afternoon Session 1.00pm – 3.15pm

At the end of the day Parents are requested to wait outside the class bases to meet the children as they exit their classes. All children exit through their class fire-door at the end of the day.      


Assemblies as a class, Key Stage or as a whole whole school, at Sir Alexander Fleming assemblies contain a broadly Christian act of worship.  We believe that it is important to support parents in developing the spiritual, moral values, social and cultural diversity of their child and we respect the beliefs and faith of all families.  If parents wish to withdraw their children from worship or R.E., we ask that they visit the school to discuss our policy. Children who are withdrawn will be given opportunities to be involved in appropriate alternative activities.