·       Any recommendation made to support a child is accessed and put into place as
    quickly as possible.quickly as possible.
·       Staffing is available to give the extra adult support to run numerous special 
     education interventions in place eg. Toe by Toe, Write from the start, In an instant,
     SNIP, barrier games, social stories, Lego education build to express
·       Teodorescu Handwriting scheme.
·       Pencil grips , ergonomic pens and pencils, writing slopes, ergonomic scissors
·       Coloured overlays, reading rulers, enlarging projector, lap tops ,
·       Multi-sensory equipment in maths and literacy in place.
·       Gross and fine motor skills equipment
·       Maths equipment available
·       Wobble cushions,
·       Fidget toys,
·       Full class computer suite as available well as standalone computers and Ipads in
·       Computer programmes and Ipad apps up loaded as become available or are
·       Out door play environments for all foundation and Keystage 1 classes as well as a
     large ECO garden and allotments used by whole school.