The Education, Health and Care Plan

EHC plan principles.
·       a “tell us once” approach to sharing information,
·       decisions made openly and collaboratively,
·       positive description of what a child can do,
·       use of person centred and key working approaches,
·       involvement at the very beginning of children, young people and parents in all decision making,
·       early identification,
·       plans focused on outcomes, short and long term, with detailed and specific provision
·       plans clear understandable and clear to all,
·       collaboration between education, health and social cares services through whole process to provide support.
·       high quality provision to meet needs (LAMB 2009)
·       greater choice and control for young people and parents over the support.
·       more streamlined but time invested in joint agreement on key outcomes.
·       set out provisions and support including the arrangements for a personal budget if applicable,
·       successful preparation for adulthood including independent living and employment.


Assessment process
·       request, assessment planning 20 weeks,as broken down below
·       1. SEN team meet with family, consent, explanation of process, 2. Assessment planning meeting held with family and all professionals, 3. New and or further assessment, work completed 8weeks.
·       4. Request received by LA, 5. SEND panel consider request, 6. Assessment agreed or non-statutory support recommended 6 weeks.statutory support recommended 6 weeks.
·       7. Support planning meeting held, identification of outcomes, 8. Proposed EHC plan written, 9. Proposed plan delivered to parents, 10. Plan finalised shared and implemented, 6 weeks
The EHC plan
     Must have:-
·       views interests and aspirations of child and their family,
·       SEN
·       health and social care needs related to SEN,
·       outcomes including related to adult life,
·       short term targets for education setting,
·       special educational provisions,
·       health and social care provision,
·       name and type of educational setting,
·       details of personal budget linked to specific outcomes and provisions, can come from school notional SEN budget, third party, direct payment
·       appendices containing advice and information gathered during assessment,
·       agreement of plan