Home School Agreement

What the School will do  

  • Provide a safe, welcoming and stimulating environment where children are happy to come and learn every day
  • Encourage all children to do their best, having high expectation of their work effort, behaviour and attitude
  • Equip the children with skills for life-long learning by providing all children with a broad and balanced curriculum, implementing educational initiatives which parents are informed about
  • Keep Parents fully informed of their child’s progress and achievement, identifying and addressing any special needs
  • Prepare detailed annual reports, set up planned and regular Parent interviews, and be available to discuss anxieties and concerns as they arise
  • Prepare, monitor and assess homework, encouraging opportunities for home learning on a regular basis
  • Keep parents informed and updated about all school activities through regular letters home
  • Encourage children to be mutually supportive, encouraging respect of peer group and all adults within the school and wider community

  What the School would expect from Parents:   Be fully involved in all aspects of your child’s educational life by: 

  • Making sure that your child is fit for school, attends regularly and punctually, and is properly equipped with what he/she needs each day
  • Ensuring that your child is suitably dressed in school uniform colours, and has appropriate P.E. kit when needed
  • Attending meetings with staff to discuss your child’s progress
  • Supporting the school in its discipline and anti-bullying policies
  • Actively supporting the school’s homework policy and home learning
  • Informing the school of reasons for any absence promptly, any change in circumstances, such as change of address or contact numbers
  •  Informing the school of any event outside school which may adversely affect your child’s work or behaviour
  • Following the guidelines and policies of the school outlined in the School Prospectus

  Child’s contribution to the Home- School Agreement:   I will:

  • come to school regularly and on time
  • wear the school uniform / school colours
  • keep the school and class rules at all times
  • try to be friendly and helpful
  • be polite and considerate to all adults and other children
  • treat others as I would like to be treated
  • try to do my best with all of my class work and complete my homework on time
  • not bully or hurt other children
  • look after school property and school equipment

All parents and children will be requested to sign the Home- School agreement on an annual basis, or when new families transfer to the school.