Pupil Voice

Children at Sir Alexander Fleming Primary School are at the centre of what we do and provide. We
actively encourage them to be involved in the development of our school, to make their voices heard. Our aim is that every child feels that they are part of a team and that their expertise, opinions and ideas are valued in all aspects of school life. We believe it is essential that pupils have regular opportunities to feed back to staff on areas of their learning and learning environment.
Why is Pupil Voice important?

  • It allows children to take responsibility for their own learning experience.
  • It promotes positive attitudes of self- respect and respect for others.
  • Children learn about democracy and share decision making
  • Children develop life skills of speaking, debating, planning listening, problem solving and empathy
  • Children learn how to play an active role in our community whilst learning about roles, rights and responsibility
  • It allows all children to feel valued as part of a community


Classroom practice and the pupil voice 

  • Pupils are given opportunities to reflect on their learning, to understand themselves as learners, to self-assess their work, to complete peer and self assessments and to respond to teacher’s comments.
  • Pupils work in collaboration with the teacher to draw up codes of conduct and rules in their classroom which are in line with whole school practice.

Teachers ensure that all pupils, regardless of ability, are able to contribute to lessons and discussions.