Partnership with primary school in Kenya

Sir Alexander Fleming Primary School has a partnership with Kimingichi AIC Primary School in Western Kenya.  This link was established when Miss Walters began working with the GLP. 

Members of staff are intending to visit (self-funded) the school in February 2019. 

The links between our schools are growing with the intention of becoming strong and significant.  The partnership is not primarily about fundraising but focusses on schools working together to better understand and support each other within the context of an interconnected global world.  The children at our school thoroughly enjoy hearing about the children in Kenya from our teachers who have visited or from the Kenyan teachers who visit us.

While fundraising is not the main focus, we will be organising fundraising activities to raise funds for Kimingichi AIC School.  The money would be used to purchase a fresh water supply, an electrical supply to the school, furniture, a computer and to support orphans (food and clothing).